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published on: Thursday 13, December 2012

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This XVIth International Krutyn Summer School
"Lanthanide-based photonic materials and structures: breakthrough applications and cutting edge systems"
is organized by:
  • CNR-IFN Trento, Italy,
  • Polish Supramolecular Chemistry Network Foundation, and the
  • Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland.

The School is conceived as a high-level and highly intensive scientific event focusing on cutting-edge know-how on inorganic and organic aspects of advanced luminescent materials based on lanthanide compounds.
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Theoretical background

  • Luminescence mechanisms, with particular interest in fundamental principles
  • Management of light by linear and nonlinear optical processes
  • Term symbols and group theoretical aspects
  • Fundamental phenomena, theory, modeling, and simulation

Research and technological aspects

  • Fabrication, thin-film growth, microstructuring of photonic materials
  • Rare Earth Doped glasses engineering, photosensitive glasses, transparent glass ceramics
  • Innovative fabrication techniques, laser material processing
  • Waveguides, microcavities, and integrated structures
  • Nanodevices and nanophotonics, subwavelength integrated structures
  • Luminescent systems, luminescent nanostructured materials
  • Instrumentation and novel diagnostic techniques for systems and devices
  • Industrial development and perspectives
  • Lanthanide-based photoluminescent MOF-s
  • Luminescent lanthanide complexes and medical diagnostics
  • Lanthanide-based luminescent immunoassays
  • Biophotonics, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, imaging, sensors and actuators, environmental monitoring, green photonics


  • Plasmonics and metamaterials
  • Telecom and datacom, quantum communication, data storage
  • Terahertz and microwave applications
  • Lighting and displays, scintillators, phosphors
  • Optical amplifiers and lasers